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  Tania Sheppard

  69 Singingwood Lane
Orinda, CA 94563 United States

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Brtania is an ROI-targeted, desired outcome-focused events firm. With many years in business, we have attended multitudes of events, had many non-targeted leads handed to us, and been a part of many kick-offs, trade shows, and conferences. And, very infrequently have we seen any ROI plans in terms of money, response, customer acquisition or even feedback on fun factor. At Brtania, we sit down with you and determine the true goals for all of your events, expected ROI, attendee experience, and results from all of our efforts. We also determine ways to capture that data. That way you have true metrics to look at post-event, and an agenda for the debrief. We will provide you with a phenomenal event experience, with true business meaning and actual dollars to back it up. This helps with the bottom line, and when you are requesting budget next time.

Offerings: Business Continuity Consulting; Business Continuity Management Software; Colocation; Disaster Recovery; Managed Hosting Services; Production Cloud Services; Recovery Cloud Services