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  Paul Bostjancic

  150 S. Wacker
Chicago, IL 60449 United States

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We believe success should be achieved together. With our clients, we are a strategic partner that helps shape their business direction. We invite our clients to do the same for us by participating in advisory programs. We also work closely with our manufacturing partners to drive the strategic direction of their product roadmaps. Internally, we encourage our employees to work together towards common goals and reward collaborative achievements. Everything we do is designed to move our clients forward: Our AHEAD Innovation Framework and the management platform we run our business on enable our clients to innovate quickly. Our commitment to discovering, evaluating, and introducing our clients to game-changing technologies is demonstrated through our multi-million-dollar Lab and VC Briefings program. At AHEAD, we are united and driven by our passion for technology and innovation. It’s why we enjoy crafting complex strategies and how we accomplish so many mission-critical objectives for our clients. Our drive is how we acquire the rare skills needed to execute better than anyone else

Offerings: Business Continuity Consulting;Business Continuity Management Software;Disaster Recovery;Production Cloud Services;Recovery Cloud Services